Ambassador Anne Hall’s Remarks at Cyber Security Seminar at the U.S. Embassy in Lithuania

Ambassador Anne Hall’s Remarks at
Cyber Security Seminar
Friday, March 22, 2019
U.S. Embassy, Akmenų g. 6, Vilnius, Lithuania


Dear guests, I am delighted to welcome you today to the U.S. Embassy for this important seminar on cyber security.  We have a very distinguished group of individuals with us today, and I’d like to start by thanking our participants from the AmCham for your dedication and commitment to expanding commercial engagement and business opportunities between the U.S. and Lithuania.

As many of you are aware, here at the Embassy we have an excellent collaborative relationship between our Regional Security Office and the FBI’s Legal Attaché Office, informally known as the Legat Office.

While the main Legat Office is located in Riga, Russ, Rob, and now John are frequently here working with their colleagues in the Regional Security Office and also with their counterparts in Lithuanian law enforcement.

Together, the Regional Security Office and Legat Office have teamed with AmCham Lithuania to bring here today a panel of FBI cyber experts.  As you all know, the number and complexity of cybercrimes has increased during the past decade. Unfortunately, this trend is expected to continue.  So this seminar is really timely, and I believe you’re going to hear several outstanding presentations intended to highlight the real and persistent threat to private businesses posed by malicious cyber actors.

The goal is to heighten your awareness to this threat and to increase the sharing of information on cyber threats between business and law enforcement.  I should also note that we are pleased today to have law enforcement representatives from the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau.

Our Regional Security Office, Legat Office, and AmCham officials have worked very hard to make this event happen and to bring together law enforcement professionals who are experts in investigating and preventing cybercrime. I am very excited to have all of you under one roof.

Please use this opportunity to develop new contacts and strengthen existing ones.

I want to thank you again for being here.  I wish you all a productive afternoon.