Ambassador Hall’s Remarks at the American Chamber of Commerce “Taste of America” event

October 27, 2016
Dublis Restaurant

This is my first American Chamber of Commerce event since returning to Lithuania a month ago as the American Ambassador. I am so pleased that our first meeting centers around American food!

American cuisine is as diverse as America itself. Throughout the country’s history, as people arrived in America from all over the world, they brought their family recipes and culinary traditions with them.

Many dishes made in American kitchens have been handed down unchanged for generations. But many other traditional dishes – in a uniquely American way – have evolved. American cuisine today reflects the creativity, innovation, and sense of adventure of the nation’s character.

Tonight’s menu includes dishes from various regions of America. I can’t wait to see how the Lithuanian chefs put their own creative touch on these American dishes.

I’m so happy to be here with you tonight and it’s a privilege for the embassy to be able to support this event.

Enjoy your meal!