Ambassador Hall’s Remarks at the Lithuanian Protective Seminar for Lithuanian State Police


Remarks at the Lithuanian Protective Seminar for Lithuanian State Police

U.S. Embassy Vilnius, Small PAS Room

April 10, 2018


Good morning everyone, and thank you for coming to this training led by our Department of Homeland Security Attachés from the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn.

It is nice to see so many Lithuanian law enforcement and security representatives as well as U.S. law enforcement officials.  I’d like to thank our DHS representatives from U.S. Embassy Tallinn, Vilnius’ Regional Security Office, and their staff for organizing this training.

As you well know, building strong relationships between U.S. and Lithuanian security and law enforcement teams is a high priority for the U.S. Embassy.  During my previous tenure here as Deputy Chief of Mission and now as U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania, I have seen the remarkable progress in our countries’ law enforcement partnership.

Some of the success stories include the exchange of criminal intelligence, extraditions, combating cyber-crimes, fighting corruption, organized crime information sharing, financial and transnational crime training just to name a few.

I am incredibly grateful for the tremendous support and professionalism that your team has provided during numerous high-level visitors over the past several years, including former Vice-President Biden’s trip to Vilnius in March 2014.

Additionally, when the Lithuanian President or Prime-Minister visits the United States, we enjoy a great working relationship between your close protection group and the Secret Service to ensure a successful trip.

Over the next three days, our Regional Security Office and the Secret Service will be sharing with you their methodologies on how to conduct a successful advance and close protection techniques.  I hope everyone will participate and actively share their knowledge and experiences.

Events like this not only enhance all of our skills, but they also help forge lasting professional relationships between our countries’ security and law enforcement teams.

Again, I am grateful for your participation in this training.  The United States strongly supports your efforts and applauds your willingness to collaborate in this joint session.

Thank you.