Ambassador Hall’s Remarks at the Defense Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony

January 17, 2017

Minister Karoblis, thank you for hosting this event today, which marks an important milestone in our bilateral defense partnership.

The defense cooperation agreement we are signing is more than just a document that governs the presence of U.S. troops in Lithuania. It reaffirms our two countries’ mutual commitment to work side by side to strengthen the NATO Alliance, enhance European security, and address global security challenges.

I would like to thank Lithuania for the hospitality you have shown to American troops who have served here. The cooperation and respect I’ve seen between American and Lithuanian soldiers is an outstanding example of the success of the NATO alliance.

By signing this agreement today, we acknowledge our ongoing commitment to each other and to the security of the region. It is a symbol of the friendship between our people, and I have great faith in our countries’ future as allies and partners.

I would like to thank everyone in the Ministry of Defense and my team at the U.S. Embassy for their tireless efforts to make this agreement happen. I am proud to sign this agreement with you today.

Thank you.