The United States Embassy in Vilnius helps American companies export to Lithuania, helps Lithuanian companies invest in the United States, and encourages policies that support and protect U.S. investment.  In this effort, we provide advice and counsel to companies and press for policies and regulations that establish a level and fair playing field.  We work with key partners here in Lithuania, regionally, at the EU level and across the Atlantic to encourage business growth and opportunity.

Our team of professionals at the embassy, including the political-economic, consular and public affairs sections, focus on this broad commercial engagement agenda.  We work closely with Lithuanian authorities so that U.S. companies can compete, collaborate to enhance the investment climate, and promote trade to boost U.S. exports to the country and the region, in line with the objectives of our National Export Initiative.  We seek opportunities to enhance contacts between Lithuanian and American entrepreneurs, as they seek to foster innovation and growth in both of our economies.

We look forward to collaborating with business and welcome suggestions for improving our services.

Doing Business in the U.S.