One of our top priorities at the Embassy is to put our diplomatic representatives in direct contact with as wide an audience as possible. In the past, we have arranged for our officers to deliver talks and participate in discussions about American foreign policy, the work of the United States government, and various aspects of American society, politics, and culture at a number of different schools, universities, and other organizations.

From Nebraska to Georgia, the diplomats serving at the U.S. Embassy in Lithuania come from all regions of the United States and have diverse backgrounds. They include former journalists, book authors, engineers, and Air Force pilots. Our goal is to give them a chance to share their broad experience with Lithuanians.

We aim at a range of audiences:

  • Secondary schools, colleges and universities student groups;
  • Community organizations;
  • Local governments;
  • NGOs;
  • Audiences at cultural events.

Topics can include—but are not limited to!–American perspectives on:

  • Politics/elections;
  • History;
  • Culture;
  • Education;
  • Sports;
  • Law;
  • Travel and tourism;
  • Defense and security;
  • Cultural diversity.

Speakers are available at no charge. We request at least three weeks’ notice before the planned date of the visit.

If you would like to take this opportunity and request an Embassy speaker, please do not hesitate to contact the Public Affairs office by e-mail at WebEmailVilnius@state.gov. Please make sure to include the following in your e-mail:

  • Your organization name and physical address
  • Contact person’s name and telephone number
  • Type and number of your audience
  • Specific topic of talk or discussion
  • Proposed dates for the visit