Country Clearance Information

Country clearances are required for DOD-sponsored visits and visits involving classified information regardless of sponsor. Please follow the guidelines listed for Lithuania in the DOD Foreign Clearance Guide (DOD 4500.54-G), Europe, at

The Defense Attache Office will process all DOD country clearance requests. Message address is USDAO VILNIUS LH. ODC LITHUANIA is the granting authority for all ODC-related visits. Please include USODC VILNIUS LH as an addressee on all messages.

Although not a complete list, requests for country clearance must include:

  1. Requesting unit or facility.
  2. Unit(s) or facility(s) to be visited (to include the embassy).
  3. Dates of visits (arrival and departure).
  4. Purpose of visit.
  5. Anticipated level of classified material to be involved.
  6. Particulars of visitors, to include full name, SSN, passport number with date and place of issue, date and place of birth, security clearance level and date of issue.
  7. Administrative and logistical assistance requested. Provide credit card information if requesting lodging or transportation assistance.
  8. POC name and number in Lithuania.
  9. Originator POC name, phone number, and office.
  10. Date of Level I Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) training completed or when it will be completed prior to departure.