Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Vilnius (April 20, 2020)

Location:  Lithuania


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Travel Update

This week has limited avenues for travel to the United States. It is either an overnight ferry ride or travel overland to another city to fly out with a connection in Western Europe.  The ferry route to Karlshamn has returned for passengers, but only in that direction, no return to Lithuania.

It is possible to travel by car service to the border, cross and then take a Latvian car service to Riga Airport. If you want to fly out of Tallinn Airport, then another car service exchange would be needed. It is possible to gain a visa and travel overland to Minsk, where international flights are still operational.

Voting from abroad

COVID-19 has affected absentee voting deadlines. Please go to Federal Voting Assistance Program ( to check on your individual state.  Mail delivery has slowed or even stopped in many areas.  Please ensure if you mail any paper registration or ballot with enough advance time to meet the new deadline.

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Emergency Assistance

For emergency American Citizens Services, including emergency passports, please write or call ( ; +370-5-266-5600 during working hours 10-12, 14-16 Monday through Friday).


Tallinn Airport

·         April 21 – Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt
·         April 23 – Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt
·         April 25 – Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt     

Riga Airport

·         April 22 – Air Baltic flights to Amsterdam and Frankfurt.
·         April 29 – Air Baltic flights to Amsterdam and Frankfurt.
·         May 6 – Air Baltic flights to Amsterdam and Frankfurt

*Note – It is possible for American citizens to travel from Lithuania to Latvia and Estonia via land transportation with passport and confirmed airline tickets to depart.

Vilnius Airport

Listed below are the dates when the commercial airlines are anticipating on resuming the flights. Subject to change:

  • April 27 – LOT flights from Vilnius to Warsaw;
  • April 28 – Belavia flights from Vilnius to Minsk;
  • April 29 – Lufthansa flights from Vilnius to Frankfurt;
  • May 1 – Ukrainian Airlines flights from Vilnius to Kyiv;
  • May 1 – Wizzair flights from Vilnius to multiple destinations;
  • May 8 (possibly June) – Ryanair flights from Vilnius to multiple destinations;
  • May 11 – Scandinavian Airlines flights from Vilnius to Stockholm and Copenhagen;
  • May 15 – Brussels Airlines flights from Vilnius to Brussels;
  • May 18 – Austrian Airlines flights from Vilnius to Vienna;
  • May 20 – Turkish Airlines flights from Vilnius to Istanbul;
  • June 1 – Air Baltic flights from Vilnius to Riga and other destinations;
  • June 1 – Norwegian flights from Vilnius to Oslo;
  • July 1 – Finnair flights from Vilnius to Helsinki;
  • August 1 – Aeroflot flights from Vilnius to Moscow.

Kaunas Airport

Listed below are the dates when the commercial airlines are anticipating on resuming the flights:

  • April 28 – LOT flights from Kaunas to Warsaw;
  • May 1 – Wizzair flights from Kaunas to multiple destinations;
  • May 8 (possibly June) – Ryanair flights from Kaunas to multiple destinations;
  • June 3 – Norwegian flights from Kaunas to Oslo.

Palanga Airport

Listed below are the dates when the commercial airlines are anticipating on resuming the flights:

  • May 9 (possibly June)- Ryanair flights from Palanga to London Stansted and Dublin;
  • May 11 – Scandinavian Airlines flights from Palanga to Copenhagen;
  • June 1 – Norwegian flights from Palanga to Oslo;
  • June 8 – Air Baltic flights from Palanga to Riga;
  • July 1 – LOT flights from Palanga to Warsaw.

Klaipeda – Ferries

DFDS ( ferries are scheduled to continue to operate the following routes.

– DFDS ferry Klaipeda – Kiel, departing Klaipeda at 22:00.
– DFDS ferry Klaipeda – Karlshamn, departing Klaipeda at 21:00. Regular passengers are not allowed on the return route Karlshamn – Klaipeda.

Actions to Take:


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