Lithuania’s Centennial Message from Former Ambassador John Cloud

Mary and I are honored to congratulate President Grybauskaitė, the Lithuanian Government, and the Lithuanian people on the centennial anniversary of the restoration of Lithuanian independence. 
It was an honor and a privilege to represent the United States to Lithuania, our great friend and ally, from 2006 to 2009.

We have many wonderful memories of our time in Lithuania from wandering the streets of old town Vilnius to sharing our countries’ love of basketball.  One of our great pleasures was to travel throughout Lithuania and to get to know the Lithuanian people.  We were surprised when


people would ask us why we had decided to visit their town or village. I always took delight in reminding them that I was the ambassador to Lithuania not just to Vilnius.


I hope all Lithuanians enjoy this year’s celebrations!

John A. Cloud

Ambassador of the USA to Lithuania, 2006-2009