Marking the 100 Years Of Diplomatic Relations On July 28th Around Lithuania


On July 28, we mark 100 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Lithuania and invite all our friends and partners to mark the occasion in a special way.

Need ideas? Here are some of the events that our friends and partners around Lithuania are organizing to celebrate the occasion:


Time: July 28, Thu., 5PM
Location: Jurbarkas district public library park, Vilniaus g. 2
Event details: Come and join true American picnic with free hotdogs, Coca-Cola and country music, participate in the tree planting ceremony. We encourage you to dress in the colors of Lithuanian and American flags!


Time: July 28, Thu., 7PM
Location: Kaunas2022 Vasaros Terasa, Rotušės square, Kaunas
Event details: Come and watch the concert of American a cappella groups „Freedom’s Boombox” and „Pipeline Vocal Project“. More:


Time: July 28, Thu., 5.30PM
Location: Janina Monkutė – Marks Museum, J. Basanavičiaus g. 45, Kėdainiai
Event details: Take part in the opening of an exhibit of gifted artworks, many by American artists, enjoy American music performed by the Kėdainiai music school and join the ceremony of the Friendship oak tree planting.

Klaipėda District

Time: July 28, Thu., 5PM
Location: Judrėnai, Klaipėda District Municipality
Event details: Come, watch and take part in a basketball tournament organized by Gargždai Sports Center; take part in hoisting of Lithuanian and American flags; enjoy American cuisine.


Time: July 28, Thu., 2.00 PM
Location: Molėtai Ethnocosmology Museum, Žvaigždžių str., Kulionys
Event details: Moletai Ethnocosmology museum will invite NASA internship participants from Lithuania to talk about Lithuanian-U.S. cooperation in space., while S. Lapienis will share the story about Lithuanian flags in space (all of them were transported to space from the U.S. territory), and the idea of taking the Lithuanian flag to the moon during “Apollo” missions. The event is free and will take place in the museum’s “space station”.


Time: July 28 (and after)
Location: Palanga Bridge and Antanas Mončys-Montis Museum
Event details: Please take a photo at the Palanga’s Bridge as it will be be adorned with Lithuanian and American flags; also go visit Antanas Mončys-Montis Museum where you will be able to hear excerpts from “Voice of America” – interviews conducted by Jurgis Blekaitis with American Lithuanian culture, arts and literature representatives as well as civil activists.

Plungė & Plateliai

Date & Time: July 28, 8PM.
Location: Plateliai recreational square by Plateliai “Žalgiris“ Yachtclub, Ežero str 40, Plateliai
Event details: visit Plateliai recreational square, located by Plateliai “Žalgiris“ Yachtclub (Ežero g. 40, Plateliai) where 3×3 basketball tournament will take place at 8 PM. Plungė sports and recreation center team will play against a team comprised of legionnaires playing in clubs in Lithuania and abroad. Meanwhile, on the day the U.S. flag will by flying by the Plungė District Municipality building.


Time: July 28, Thu.
Event details: U.S. flags will be raised in the municipal square of the Prienai District and in the townships/centres of elderships of Balbieriškis, Išlaužas, Jieznas, Naujoji Ūta, Pakuonis, Prienai, Stakliškės, Šilavotas and Veiveriai.


Time: July 28 and after
Location: all over Rokiškis
Event details: the U.S. flag will be raised in Rokiškis Independence Square next to the Lithuanian flag. Rokiškis cafe “Grill bankas” invites everyone to enjoy American cuisine and will provide 10 percent discount on their gourmet hamburger, and the first 20 customers who order it will receive a symbolic U.S. flag and a pen with Rokiškis symbollic as a gift.


Time: July 27, Thu., 6.30PM
Location: Cruise Ship Terminal, Pilies g. 4, Visaginas
Event details: Come and enjoy the concert of American a cappella groups „Freedom’s Boombox” and „Pipeline Vocal Project“. More:


Time: July 28, Thu., 2PM
Location: Summer reading room in Kuršėnai Park and Šiauliai District Educational Support Center

The public library of the Šiauliai district municipality invites all at 2 p.m. to the Summer reading room in Kuršėnai Park to deepen ones knowledge about baseball – there will be a literary exhibition and a practical lecture titled “Popular Baseball in the USA – what is it?” Lecturer – baseball coach Egidijus Meižys. Meanwhile, Šiauliai District Educational Support Center invites everybody to come on July 28 to enjoy cupcakes decorated with the flags of the USA and Lithuania.


Time: July 28, Thu., and after
Loctaion: The American Corner at the Povilas Višinskis Šiauliai County Public Library
Event details: The American Corner will be hosting an exhibition dedicated to Victor David Brenner, who is best known as the designer of the 1909 U.S. Lincoln Cent, better known as the penny, which features an iconic bust of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. The image is still in use on the coin today, including Brenner’s initials.

Time: July 28, Thu., 6PM
Location: Šiauliai Culture Center, Aušros al. 31, Šiauliai
Event details: Come and enjoy the concert of American a cappella groups „Freedom’s Boombox” and „Pipeline Vocal Project“. More:


Time: July 28, Thu., 3PM
Location: City Garden/Miesto Sodas, J. Basanavičiaus g. 56
Event details: Utena District Municipality invites everyone to participate in a tree planting ceremony, as well as listen to the stories by Jeffree Clark, an American resident of Utena, and enjoy a small concert.


Time: July 27, Thu., 7.30PM
Location: Visaginas Culture Center, Terrace of the Concert Hall “Banga“, Parko g. 16, Visaginas
Event details: Come and enjoy the concert of American a cappella groups „Freedom’s Boombox” and „Pipeline Vocal Project“. More:


If you’re planning an event, please message us ( and with the details — maybe someone from the Embassy can attend! Share your photos and videos with the hashtags #100together and #USinLT. From all participants we’ll draw some lucky winners for a special engagement with Ambassador Gilchrist later in the year.