Presenting the U.S. National Parks at Lentvaris Gymnasium

On April 18th, 2016 an outreach visit was conducted by the U.S. Embassy staff to Lentvaris Gymnasium. Jillian Schmitt, Gina Fonseca and Giedra Gureviciute-Demereckiene had the pleasure of meeting a group of 30 students. The English-language students gathered to talk about a range of topics from diplomacy to U.S. National parks. Jillian Schmitt (Political Officer) talked to students about her background and how she became a U.S. diplomat. In commemoration of Earth Day, Gina Fonseca (Public Affairs intern) gave a presentation about U.S. National Parks. She told the students how the parks are joining the Earth day efforts, their role regarding climate change and the 100th  anniversary  celebration of U.S  National Parks. The students got very excited brushing up on their U.S. geography knowledge and learning about the most popular U.S. National Parks through breathtaking landscape photographs. The English teacher provided resource materials of National Parks for students who had an increased interest in the parks.