Marriage Requirements

Individuals wishing to get married in Lithuania need to fill out the required forms and submit them along with their passport, birth certificate, and required documents (listed below) to the Civil Registry office.

  1. If a U.S. citizen has never been married, he or she must have a “free to marry” certificate from his or her last state of residence.  This document must have an apostille attached to it.  The apostille is issued by the Secretary of State of the particular U.S. State.
  2. Divorced persons must present a certified copy of their divorce decree.  Widows and widowers must present a death certificate for the deceased spouse.
  3. These documents must be translated into Lithuanian, and the signature of the translator must be notarized.

Please also note:

At least one of the individuals to be married must be either a Lithuanian citizen, a resident of Lithuania, or have Lithuanian ancestry.  Two U.S. citizens with no prior ties to Lithuania will likely not be able to meet the requirements to be married in Lithuania.

The minimum age to marry is 18.

No medical examination or statement is required.


Once the above documents have been certified, they must be submitted, along with passports, to the Civil Registry (Marriage Palace).  Applicants complete local forms and pay the fee for the service to the Civil Registry Office.  A 30-day waiting period is required, after which the couple returns to the Registry to sign and receive the marriage certificate.  The waiting period can be shortened only in exceptional circumstances.


There is no bar to church weddings, but it is necessary to complete the civil procedure above in order to obtain the official marriage certificate.

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