Victims of Crime

In case of an emergency, if you want to reach POLICE or AMBULANCE, please call 112

Assistance for Victims of Crime

Crime victim assistance or victim support programs assist victims in the immediate aftermath of a crime by providing crisis intervention, assistance with immediate needs, emergency shelter, trauma counseling, and information about the criminal justice system.  Victim assistance or victim support programs also help victims as their cases progress through the criminal justice process by providing timely information about important case events, accompanying victims to court to provide support, and/or referring victims to appropriate services, including victim compensation.

When an American citizen becomes a victim of crime, he or she first should contact the local police.  In most regions of Lithuania, the local police forces cooperate with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide temporary shelter and other assistance.

The U.S. Embassy in Vilnius also maintains the following list of victim assistance or victim support programs and victim compensation programs, both in the United States and Lithuania.  The U.S. Embassy assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the individuals or organizations listed.  The following organizations are listed in alphabetical order and their relative position on this list should not be construed as indicating any kind of preference on the part of the U.S. Embassy.

Caritas Lithuania
Address: Papilio 5, Kaunas, Lithuania
Telephone: +370 37 323300, +370 671 32147, + 370 37 20 54 27

Children Support Center
Address: Latviu 19a, Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone: +370 5 271 5980, +370 611 43567

Missing Persons’ Families Support Centre
Address: Žalgirio 133, Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone: 8 800 261 61

Vilnius Family Crisis Center
Address: Vytenio 45, Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone: +370 5 233 2508

Vilnius Women’s House
Tel: +370 5 2616380, +370 67350157

Women’s Issues Information Center
Address: S. Konarskio 49-808, Vilnius, LT-03123, Lithuania
Telephone: +370 5 262 9003

Woman to Woman
Address: V. Sladkevičiaus 5-3, Kaunas, LT-44281, Lithuania
Telephone: 8 800 66366

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Compensation for Foreign Victims of Crime in Lithuania
Victims of violent crime and surviving families of such victims may receive compensation for both material and non-material losses.  For more information please read: Compensation to violent crime victims.

Updated February, 2016