After the Interview

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If your visa has been approved, your passport will be sent back to you by registered mail. Please prepare a prepaid self-addressed envelope and bring it with you for the visa interview. For this go to and follow the instructions:

1. Go to Savitarna (Selfservice) and create your profile.

2. Choose Siųsti naują siuntą (Send new parcel).

3. Choose Pašto – Į Gavėjo adresu (from Post – to Recipients‘s address).

4. Choose size S, weight 50 – 100 g (if there will be more passports, choose bigger weight).

Note! If you apply for DV or K visa category, please choose bigger weight (M), because with a visa you will get additional packet of documents.

5. Go next and enter Siuntėjas (sender‘s address), which will be our embassy address:

Consular Section

U.S. Embassy

Akmenu 6

Vilnius 03106

6. Enter Gavėjo adresą (Recipient‘s address – this will be your address where you want to receive your documents.

7. Make on-line payment.

9. Print the lable, put it on the envelope.

Carefully review After the Interview on to learn what to do when you receive your visa, entering the United States, paying the USCIS Immigrant Fee, and other important information.